Shape-Up Must

  • What is the different between Male and female slimming?
    Body fat distribution differs between the sexes. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of women is usually higher than men while the Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) of men is higher than women. Male adipose tissue is usually centred around the waist (the common ‘beer belly’ syn-drome) and is not easily dis-persed. Men have generally had a tougher time shaping and toning the body than women. Until now.
  • Why exercise is not the answer?
    Exercise is useful for cardio-vascular health but cannot deliver the targeted body-shaping that comes from breaking up and dispersing fatty deposits. Indeed, if you exercise in the wrong way it can make things worse by trapping adipose tissue inside muscle fiber. Exercise also requires time and opportunity that many of today's men lack. Shape-up Must offers con-densed 5-way slimming and muscle toning.
  • How does Shape-Up Must work?
    MSC's Shape-Up Must takes advantage of the latest 6-head infra-red and electro-stimulator technology to break up stubborn fat and tone targeted muscle groups. It works in five ways simul-taneously:

    Improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymph glands and removes toxins

    Breaks-down cellulite and excess adipose (fatty) tissue to lose both pounds and inches

    Exercises and tones the muscles and firms-up flabby skin

    Further reduces fat by concentrating the action on specific body areas so as to remodel your physique

    Muscle Building
    Builds the abdominal and pectoral (chest) muscle groups
  • Which body parts Shape Up Must work for?
    Shape Up Must is a well designed programme for men, it permits the reduction of localized adiposity on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, while also increasing muscle tone, also work on tone up both chest muscle and abdominal 6-pack muscle.
  • Is that safe and effective?
    Over many years, MSC has built up an outstanding repu-tation as an international skin and body care specialist trained in the use of the most advanced technology. All treatment programmes are tailor-made to an individual's needs and are determined by professional analysis.

    - Pre-treatment detailed body composition analysis with In-body Analyzer

    - Professional consultation to get to know your lifestyle, dietary habits, and to diagnose the true factors that cause you fat

    - All session are supervised and operated by qualified medical professionals

    - Expert implementation of the most appropriate, tailor-made treatment programme