Advanced NQ Laser Rejuvenation Technology

  • What is collagen? How does it keep the skin supple?
    The full name for collagen is 'collagen protein', a key element to maintaining the suppleness of cells. Your skin will be rejuvenated immedia-tely when collagen is applied to every cell.
  • I've heard that repairing collagen from within is impor-tant. Can MSC help?
    The most effective and safest way to repair collagen from within is VSPS (IPL Treatment). The treatment uses concentrated light to stimulate the natural produc-tion of collagen so as to revitalise the structure of the skin tissues as well as reha-bilitate damaged cells.
  • How is VSPS technology different from ordinary inten-sive pulsed light technology?
    VSPS is the latest light technology and is exclusively offered at MSC. It is the enhanced version of light technology for skin rejuvena-tion. This professional skin perfection technology has a wide range of intensity set-tings and can be precisely adjusted to an individual's skin type and problems. The treatment process is also faster, and painless, as VSPS is unique for its high speed of 15 pulses per second while ordinary technology is no more than 3 pulses per se-cond, the result is therefore 5 times more effective.
  • What skin problems can VSPS tackle? How long does it take to see results?
    VSPS can provide total skin care solutions, including whitening, improving capil-laries and refining open pores It also reduces pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and neck lines, eye bags and pimples. It is more effective than ordinary light technology, particularly for the treatment of hormone spots, pigmentation, freckles and acne scars. The treat-ments rejuvenate your skin for a translucent complexion. According to clinical studies, 50% of the treatment par-ticipants reported significant skin health improvements after only one or two treat-ments.
  • What's the process? Does it hurt?
    All treatments are handled by professional qualified staff. Firstly, a registered nurse will tightly cover your eyes with an eye mask and spread relieving cooling jelly on the part under the treatment. The staff in charge will adjust the appro-priate light energy according to your skin type and condi-tion. You'll feel very gentle heat on the skin without any pain.
  • Is VSPS safe? Will it affect my daily life?
    The safety and effective-ness of our skin care treat-ments has always been the number one priority of MSC. The light technology we use for skin rejuvenation is deve-loped by European hi-tech medical and dermatology ex-perts and endorsed by Euro-pean Union CE & ISO 9001. All MSC's professional staff are trained and qualified for light technology operation. Before treatment, the profes-sional medical staff at MSC will carry out a detailed skin and health analysis for every customer. After treatment, MSC's professional staff will closely follow up with every customer.