• I see my skin sagging as I grow older and the wrinkles and pigmentation seem to be settling in at a faster rate. How do I achieve younger, firmer skin without the drastic step of plastic surgery or laser re-surfacing?
    MSC offers a series of treatment programmes that can help you improve the sagging facial problem. Facial Lifting Treatment tightens sagging skin, activates cell circulation and improves facial outline. Also, VSPS Skin Rejuvenation Treatment and Advanced Whitening Treat-ment help lighten the comple-xion and skin tone and reduce pigmentation. MSC skin care programmes leave you look-ing noticeably younger with firmer, flawless skin.
  • I have very oily skin and am very prone to breaking out in pimples. As a result, my skin has a dull sheen with obvious open pores and blemishes. How can I achieve a flawless appearance?
    The Seaweed Deep Purify-ing Treatment will ensure your skin is deeply cleansed and blackheads are removed, thus eliminating the problems of clogged pores which are the main cause of blemishes. To further refine open pores and diminish scars, MSC Crystal Skin Therapy is the best choice. MSC Laser Derm and Clear Light treatments are both tailor-made for acne therapy. These advanced treatments bring you healthy and smooth skin without any need for taking pills or drugs. MSC professionals will advise you on establishing a proper home cleansing regime using products that help cleanse and dissolve daily surface debris.
  • I suffer from dark eye circles that tend to make my eyes look puffy and tired. To make things worse, they tend to accentuate the crow’s feet around my eyes. How can I revive and refresh the area around my eyes?
    Stress and lack of sleep normally contribute to the appearance of dark eye circles and bags. Blood circulation and toxin elimi-nation becomes sluggish, resulting in the retention of excess water around the eye zone, hence the eye bags. MSC Turbo Eye Bag Rescue Treatment helps alleviate these conditions by improving blood circulation through relaxing lymphatic drainage massages. With the aid of current technology, the skin around the eye zone looks firmer and more elastic. Addi-tionally, MSC Laser Derm technology can help to activate cell circulation and hence reduces fine lines around the eyes.
  • My back is always dry and scaly. Worse still, pimples and blackheads are scattered all over by back and shoulders. What can I do?
    Treat your back like your face. Proper cleansing and nourishing for your back and shoulders should not be neglected. Back care treat-ments at MSC will deep cleanse, exfoliate and purify the skin on your back and help bring back smoothness and softness.
  • I have read a great deal about the greater effective-ness of MSC Permanent Laser Hair Removal over traditional methods like waxing or elec-trolysis. How safe is the treatment? And how long will it last?
    With MSC Permanent Laser Hair Removal hair growth in targeted areas can be halted forever as laser light pulses disable the hair follicles themselves. In a few short sessions, you can solve the problem of unwanted hair painlessly and permanently. The technology has been proved to be safe by the FDA and Harvard Medical School in the USA. MSC has over 23 years of expertise in this technology and the entire treatment process is handled and supervised by medical professionals.
  • How should I prepare my skin for the Laser Hair Re-moval treatment?
    The only suggested prepa-ration is to avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight 2 to 4 weeks in advance. If you are out in the sun we recom-mend a SPF30 or higher sun block lotion.
  • What about after treat-ment?
    We recommended you use pure aloe vera skin care pro-ducts to soothe and protect the skin. For two days after treatment, we suggest you avoid stretching exercises as the skin may still be slightly sensitive. Moreover, avoid any skin care products that include alcohol, acid or oil elements for the first 24 hours. For 1 week after the treatment, you should also avoid ex-posing your skin to direct sunlight.