DRF Skin Remodeling Technology

  • What is DRF? How does it work?
    Diode Laser Radio Fre-quency (DRF) is a remarkable new anti-ageing treatment combines a Diode Laser at 900nm with bipolar-conducted Radio Frequency energies.
    These are pulsed deeply into the dermis layer to stimulate rapid collagen production and remodelling, firm-up the skin and reduce wrinkle.
  • What kind of ageing pro-blems can it target?
    Medical authorities confirm that DRF reduces wrinkles, smile lines and forehead lines, firms-up sagging skin, and smoothes away eye bags and crow's feet - the most obvious indicators of an ageing skin. The more serious these pro-blems are, the more dramatic the improvements will be. Simultaneously, DRF works on enlarged pores, superficial acne scarring and rough skin patches. It also gives you a more contoured jaw line. Noticeable improvements can be seen even after the first treatment.
  • Is DRF safe? Does it hurt? Are there any side effects?
    MSC's doctors and medical professionals will reassure you that DRF is an easy, non-invasive procedure. MSC's Diode Laser Radio Frequency (DRF) system has been approved by the FDA and CE Marks for its safety and effectiveness in wrinkle reduction. High-energy deli-very to a depth of 2.5mm is masked by ultra-cool (5oC) protection on the skin's sur-face. There's no downtime and you can continue with your working day or social evening immediately after treatment.
  • How long does it last?
    The whole DRF treatment takes about 45 minutes and 5 sessions are recommended, at 3 to 4 week intervals. Over the treatment period, your skin will benefit each day from the accumulating effects of rejuvenation. This visible improvement can then last for at least 2 to 3 years.
  • What are the advantages of the Diode Laser Radio Fre-quency (DRF) treatment com-pared to other anti-wrinkle methods?
    Intrusive anti-wrinkle methods, such as Botox injec-tions to paralyse the facial muscles to conceal wrinkles, usually give an artificial ap-pearance to the treated area, and only for a limited period.
    DRF radically stimulates the production of collagen to give you a natural face-lift. The new DRF procedure is your best choice for longer-lasting results.
  • Is Men's Skin Centre™ by Bella reliable?
    All DRF Sessions are medi-cally supervised and operated.
    For over 23 years, Men's Skin Centre™ by Bella has built up an outstanding reputation as an international skin care specialist trained in the use of the most advanced tech-nology.
    MSC's skin care specialists will provide comprehensive pre- and post-treatment fol-low-up at each DRF session. When you insist on safe, effective and reliable rejuve-nating treatments, Men's Skin Centre™ by Bella is the best choice.